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Wednesday, August 8, 2009

NCOIC Holding Full Day Cloud Computing Session

NCOIC Holding Full Day Cloud Computing Session

The Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium (NCOIC) will be holding a one-day cloud computing session during its plenary meetings, 21-25 September at the Fair Lakes Hyatt in Fairfax, VA. A complimentary workshop on NetCentric Patterns will also be held Wednesday morning that week.
The NCOIC is a unique collaboration of premier leaders in the aerospace, defense, information technology, large-scale integrator and services industries. The Consortium works in tandem with customers from around the world, each with a specific mission, to provide a set of tools that enable the development of network centric capabilities and products. An example of the consortium’s unique capabilities the recent agreement between NCOIC and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to advance the Enterprise Architecture of NextGen, FAA’s national airspace (NAS) transformation program. The NCOIC will analyze and evaluate NextGen’s enterprise architecture views, products, plans, net-centric patterns and operational concepts. Working collaboratively, its members will develop “voice of industry” recommendations about applying net-centric standards to the NextGen procurement, as a way to achieve interoperability in the NAS and, potentially, the skies beyond U.S. borders.
The NCOIC expects senior government leadership, both US and international, to participate in both the General Plenary and its regular team meetings. A Cybersecurity panel in Wednesday’s General Plenary meeting will include current hi-level government experts, and will provide an opportunity for valuable discussion of this hot topic. Also, this fall marks the fifth anniversary of the formal establishment of NCOIC. To take advantage of this milestone, the organization is planning a panel discussion that will include some of the Emeritus Advisory Council, Executive Council and Technical Council chairs. This promises to be an interesting discussion of the impact of NCOIC to date, and where the NCOIC can position itself in order to provide valuable contributions in the future.
Registration for the plenary is now available at .

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NCOIC Advisors
General (Ret) Harald Kujat
Advisory Council Chair, Former Chairman, NATO Military Committee and Chief of Staff, Federal Armed Forces (Germany)
BG Hakan Bergstrom
Swedish Ministry of Defence
VADM Nancy Brown
Director, C4 Systems Directorate (J6), Joint Staff
Honorable Jay Cohen
Under Secretary, Science and Technology Directorate, Department of Homeland Security
Air Vice Marshall Carl Dixon, RAF
Capability Manager (Information Superiority), United Kingdom Ministry of Defence
Maj. Gen. Pietro Finocchio
General Manager of General Directorate for Telecommunications, Information Technology, and Advanced Technology Italian MoD
Maj. Gen. Koen Gijsbers, RNLA
Assistant Chief of Staff, C4I, Allied commander Transformation
Honorable John G. Grimes
Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration
Honorable Keith R. Hall
Advisory Council Chair Emeritus, former Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Space) and Director, National Reconnaissance Office
VADM Harry B. Harris, Jr.
U.S. Navy Liaison to NCOIC
Maj. Gen. Georges D’Hollander
Director NHQC3S
Mr. John C. Johnson,
Assistant Commissioner for Service Development, General Service Administration’s Federal Technology Service
Honorable Paul Kaminski
Advisory Council Chair Emeritus, former Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics
Dr. Robert Laurine
Chief Information Officer, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
Mr. Charles Leader
Director, NextGen Joint Planning and Development Office
Mr. Carlo Magrassi
Armaments Director European Defense Agency
Mr. Mark T. Powell
U.S. Coast Guard Liaison to NCOIC
BGen Blandine Vinson-Rouchon
Director, System of Systems Architecture
DGA (Delegation Generale pour l’Armement), French MoD
LTG Jeffrey A. Sorenson
Chief Information Officer/G6 HQ, Department of the Army
Honorable John P. Stenbit
Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration
Mr. Dag Wilhelmsen
General Manager, NATO C3 Agency
Lt. Gen. Ulrich Wolf, German Army
Director, NATO Communications Information Systems Services Agency
Mr. Matt Yannopoulos,
Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer Group. Australian Department of Defence
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