US Army Training and Education. Advance registration and approval required.

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Leading Project Teams
Leading Project Teams
Monday, Aug , 2018

Leading Project Teams

US Army training and education. Advance registration and approval required. GovCloud Network has partnered with ITCI to offer on-site consultation & training, in any industry, worldwide.
Leading Project Teams


Let this training and education course get your project off to a great start by leading you through each phase of project management. We will share the latest strategies and tools to ensure your skills are current. Use an upcoming project to make this course most relevant (although this is not required). Collaborate to enhance results on your project. Establish how your team will communicate, meet, and share status before misunderstandings occur. Prevent “scope creep” with a clear project scope definition. Understand how this project fits in your organization’s other endeavors using systems thinking. Save yourself weeks of rework by getting it right the first time using this class as a guide!

Learning Objectives

1. Define key terms and resources related to project management. 2. Write a project charter for your given project. 3. Identify roles, scope, and phases of your project. 4. Describe best practices in collaborating within and outside your organization. 5. Develop a project risk management plan for your project. 6. Participate in a demonstration of the latest project management control tools. 7. Matrix your project within your organization. 8. Develop a project closeout report for a given project.


Advanced IT Project Management The 5-day Advanced IT Project Management (ADV-ITPM-Virtual) training and education covers project management in the IT environment for system and software projects ranging from new development & enhancements to upgrades & acquisitions. This class discusses the unique requirements and opportunities IT projects often present. The class encourages interactive discussion and examples of real life projects, especially those encountered by class participants. The class is 8 hours per day and involves optional, but recommended, 1-2 hours of additional independent study (e.g., reading and exercises) outside of the classroom.Aimed at IT project managers who manage IT projects, and skills embracing industry-recognized practices, this advanced course bridges “real-world” project experience with “best” practices, and enhances successfully managed IT projects. The Advanced IT Project Management Skills–Virtual course is accessible by students online from anywhere using virtually any PC, Apple, or Linux computer, tablet, or mobile device. The hosting application is browser-based, with no software to download or special permissions required.Classes are interactive and require student participation. Participants are provided advance access to download and print course materials, or the materials in hard copy are physically delivered to them. Students also receive access to online resources, including a private study group forum for questioning and discussing project management topics covered in the class.

Course Objectives

Advanced IT Project Management–Virtual is a 5-day training and education for persons with a foundational knowledge and understanding of project management. It focuses on the finer points of project management – those ultimately determining the effectiveness of the project deliverables to accomplish measurable mission/program outcomes and results. Participants’ learn the vital role of business analysis normally expected to precede project initiation. This is particularly important for all IT project initiatives in view of IT as a vital, mission critical element of the enterprise and its ability to accomplish its mission.

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  • Date: 27-29.08.2018
  • Location: Online


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