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About Us

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About us

Welcome to GovCloud Network!

We are a global social-networking and consulting platform aiming at educating small businesses and large corporations on cloud computing. Do you think you know everything about it? Well, think again! Cloud computing is not merely a technology – it is a powerful business strategy that can help you streamline all the work-related processes to maximize your efficiency, increase transparency, overcome challenges, and promote your company growth.

The cloud itself is just a software. It is how you utilize it that counts. That is exactly what GovCloud can teach you – how to implement cloud computing and make it work for your unique appliance. We offer you a chance to receive a general professional education, participate in intensive training classes or seminars to refresh your knowledge on cloud computing and design a cloud strategy that will help you achieve your business goals.

About us

Meet your cloud-computing guru

The brain behind GovCloud is Kevin L. Jackson – a world-renowned American businessman, writer, and one of the cloud pioneers. After finishing his brilliant 15-year career in the Navy, Jackson has found a new place in the world of fast-evolving technologies. He had quickly become a qualified technology expert getting featured in The New York Times and Speech Technology Magazine. In 2010 US Black Engineer & IT magazine has called Jackson a “cyber security visionary”.

Keep up with the ever-changing cloud environment with GovCloud!

In 2011 his blog “Cloud Musings by Kevin Jackson” got listed in Top 100 blogs on cloud computing in the US which has landed him a coveted blog-spot in Forbes Magazine. Following the success of his writing, Jackson had co-authored two government training books on cloud computing calling technology education his ultimate mission. Nowadays, Kevin L. Jackson is a recognized cloud computing expert and cyber security influencer whose profound vision and innovative ideas never fail to inspire.